May. 3rd, 2012

elionwyr: (sick)
Yesterday was one of those very rare times of me going to a pharmacist and asking for help. Monday I was feeling better, but Tuesday I was coughing just as badly and I was so frustrated..I've been eating lemons, taking vit D3 and oil of oregano, sucking on cough drops, and drinking varied 'kill all the germs' teas, but the pressure in my throat just wasn't going away.

So I stared at the shelves of cough remedies, grabbed a box of something, and went to ask for help.

"Non-productive cough?"



"Oh. Do you have any experience with what this is?" I handed him the box I'd finally chosen.

"Yeah. That's basically a solid form of Delsym."

Okie dokie. Bought that (which was a box of 12 dissolvable lozenges) and a small generic bottle of Delsym and tore into the lozenges as soon as I left the store. They're chalky, and the one I opened immediately crumbled into tiny piles, which meant I was bent over a small foil tab on the street, trying to dab up the granules with my finger, then my tongue.

Because I am ALL about grace and poise.

Helped a little. Then I hit the syrup. Which helped a little. Then I read the packaging on the lozenges which said, "Take one every 8 hours," so I promptly took 3 in the space of an hour because I was still coughing and it just needed to STOP. And another gulp of cough medicine.

And then went home and passed out on the sofa until 9:30PM.

..But I'm not coughing as much. I actually got through the night with no cough grenades being launched from my throat. I can still feel Something is Wrong, but it's much more manageable..and I've not taken any of yesterday's meds yet.

(I should probably go give them to someone else for safekeeping...)

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