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1. Make a post wherein you prattle on about 'homosex,' make accusations that it can destroy your life, compare homosexuality to bestiality, necrophilia, etc, and criticize SyFy for planning a more sexually diverse range of characters on upcoming programming.

2. React to the onslaught of (surprise surprise!) negative comments by shutting off comments; editing your post to offer up generic responses (alas, no screen capture of that, but it included criticizing the repeated intent of his post's readers to boycott his books), and then delete your post.

3. Go back to that whole boycott thing later in the day and make sure you say 'oh it doesn't really matter if they boycott my books or not.' Because it's a really damn good idea to tell the people that buy books that oh, you don't really need their money/support/readership.

Vote with your dollars, folks. That's been my motto since my work as a sound engineer at a coffee shop. If a performer, or writer, is someone you have issues with - or, more to the current point, is someone that thinks you/your loved ones/your tribe are kitty-corpse-f**king homos out to ruin the world?

Vote with your dollars.

Don't support their work.

And hey, general note to everyone?
Don't Be A Dick.

ETA: I'm certainly not saying don't express your opinion. You have a voice. By all means, use it.

I'd caution you to use it carefully.

There are these FABULOUS things called 'filters.'

You may not want to air all your thoughts/complaints/grievances/bad days with readers, fans, editors, publishers, general public, etc.

Always, ALWAYS write with the thought in mind that there's a second audience. And maybe, just maybe, you don't need the whole world to know all.

Juuuuuuuust a thought, kids.
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1. Get upset about a reviewer's opinion.
2. Email said reviewer.
3. Get upset about his response.
4. Start reading his blog.
5. Tell him to kill himself. And his cat. And oh, you might want to take that review down, too.
6. Get upset when this is met with 'WTF?' from varied other people in the writing community.
7. Gift the reviewer with a death threat.

Yessirree, reading the last day or so of [livejournal.com profile] mroctober's LJ is certainly educational!

Ya know, folks...a review is one person's opinion.
It's ok to nurse some hurt after reading a review. Obviously, of COURSE it's ok.
But if you really honestly can't handle having your work not loved by everyone?
Don't be a writer.

And for the love of Pete, don't do what Kevin did.

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