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* Marcella Detroit is a much-too-unknown performer, and I was surprised to find she did a cover of one of my guilty secret favourite songs, "If You Could Read My Mind."

* And one of my favs from her album Jewel, "Detroit."

* Marcella was one half of the also-fairly-unknown (IMO) group, Shakespeare's Sister.

"Heroine" -
"Run Silent Run Deep" - (lovely video; Marcella is the higher voice)
"Sacred Heart" -

And one direct embed, for a remix of "Dirty Mind" (which is funny cuz it's true):
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Mercedes Sosa, "Todavia Cantamos"
(She has such an amazing, amazing voice..)

English lyrics follow )
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I joke a lot about being afraid of The Axe Murderer (TM). This song sorta gives a glimpse into that fear of people watching, and things scratching..

While I was moving through the treacherous waters of pre-divorce, separated but living together, there were too many nights when the phone was in my hand, I was contemplating leaving proverbial tacks on the floor, and I was waking up screaming, wanting the sun.
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A summer evening.
Penn's Landing, Philadelphia.

It is hot, and oh so humid.

We - my mother, [ profile] contrary74, and I - are attending a free music festival.

The line-up, including Sonia Dada and Sarah McLachlan, makes braving the heat worthwhile.

At dusk, as the heat starts to make muttered promises of breaking, October Project takes the stand.

So many concert many involving my beloved Contrary. Having a stranger turn to ask me if I was Elionwyr. (He knew me from the Onix BBS staff pics.) Lying in the hospital, trying to get Contrary to accept the concert tix I'd purchased for us and take someone else to the show...and her telling me to shut up. Later, winning tickets to another show and the two of us attending - me giving away the passes I'd won to sit with the band on stage and blog about the experience (because hi, Gemini, and stage = scary, and the girls that received the passes had horrible seats, so this was more better)...the four of us being invited back stage, and Emil calling out, "Ok, so who won the tickets?" and Contrary yelling, "DUSTI GET UP HERE!!!" because of course I was shy and letting everyone else go first...Mary, smoking and silent...Emil, taking the time to talk to me and upon hearing why I'd missed the last concert, asking if things were better now...

The band broke up, sorta - it splintered off into three different performing groups as Mary pursued a solo career, Marina started performing as December Girl, and Emil and Julie formed November Project. It was inevitable that October Project would reform.

And of course I dragged Contrary off to see them as the new incarnation. Marina now sang lead vocals and the previously-absent-songwriter Julie had backing vocals. The energy of the band and the music was more warm-and-fuzzy without Mary's passionate rocker-voice, and their kids were now in attendance. I remember begging my now-ex-husband to go to a show, for my birthday - I was willing to buy the tickets, I just wanted to share the music with him. It finally happened, with a bit less grace than I'd hoped. (If you are in my heart, I will drag you off to these types of small venue shows...October Project and Sophie B Hawkins are sorta traditional, I suppose.)

The band has broken up, again - I'm not sure what the current story or status is - and so I end with a video link. This is not my brain's favourite song, but oh, it's what is in my heart when I think of this band.

Return to me.
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*firmly sets soapbox in the center of the stage*

Love is a gift.

It's a gift, and it's precious, and if you're lucky enough to have someone in your life that loves you?
Treasure that.

Love can be awkward, or inconvenient; it can be mostly-hidden, or sought after and flaunted full-force.

But none of us can afford to toss it aside.

I believe this.

I also believe that Love is worth fighting for, because it *is* so precious. Time and again I see people who, after having hurt a loved one, are able to shrug and walk away and jump into something else without turning around to say, "I'm sorry," or, "I love you," or any of a host of other things, simple words, that could start them back on the road to salvaging the relationship.

And if you've put the time and effort into nurturing Love, don't walk away without a fight.

Love is too precious a commodity to be squandered and/or mishandled the way it so often is.

*steps off soapbox*

Tonight's song..I don't let people into my heart easily...I try to be careful, and I'm still not careful enough, apparently. It takes more than a whisper.

"More Than A Whisper" - Nanci Griffith
clicky link should take you to a MP3 - lyrics follow )
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As with Happy Rhodes, it's actually kinda hard to pick only one Poe song. Most of her "Haunted" CD is music I relate to much too much, being a fellow girl with daddy issues. So - yeah - give that CD a listen sometime. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Trivia: Discovered Poe because she wrote a song called Angry Johnny - which is the name of my Philly haunt boss's brother, who heads up the band Angry Johnny and the Killbillies. Poe's song starts off:

"Johnny, Angry Johnny,
This is Jezebel in Hell..."

..Which made a few of us quirk our eyebrows because he has a song about Jezebel.
As far as I know it's all just A Very Strange Coincidence.
Still. I became a fan because of that there song, I did I did.

And since I promised a festive song, here's "Christmas Shopping" by Angry Johnny and the filmed here in zombie country!
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(This one, with [ profile] australian_joe in mind, and for anyone who hopes to catch me online - 'hello are you out there?' - though as a person who's been online since '86, I relate to parts of this song a lot.)

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Audio is probably not good; it's also really hard to choose just one Happy Rhodes song.
I was probably at this show.

(If you don't know her music, go visit her home page and click on the audio samples. And fall in love.)

(lyrics here) (link to mp3 here)

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