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I don't think I hold grudges. But neither do I tend to forgive and forget.
Forgive, yes; forget...yes and no. O hai, Gemini! I mean, it's really easy to hurt me several times because I do tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. But I don't forget. Which - makes no sense, I realize.

Perhaps it's a combination of Gemini and optimism? Sure, Lucy, you're gonna pull that football away again. I get that. But maybe you won't, so yeah, let me try to kick it one more time...

The longest I've ever stayed angry would be..hm. 24 years? And nope, nothing she can do about it. Nor would she. (Ah, the joys of family angst!) In general, if I get to the point where I want nothing to do with you - which takes a LOT of effort on the other person's side of things! - I'll get over it in a few years and crack the door open a little - but it's gonna take some work to get me to actually let you back in.

There are currently..hm. Five people on the list of People I Want Out of My Life For Good. One is the aforementioned family member; two have been roughly 5 years now; and the two others have been within this past year. I don't anticipate their statuses changing.

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