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I didn't start driving until I was in my 30s.  Frankly, I missed out on the need to drive when I was a teenager because I could - and did - bike everywhere I needed to go, including work.

One of my earliest memories of a family outing is sitting in a kid's sit perched on the back of (I think) my mom's bike.  My brother rode in a similar seat on my father's bike, and we were gliding down a biking path that seemed narrow and woodsy and more than a little wild.

Jump forward quite a few years ahead to my ability to ride - and decorate - my own bicycle, which I did for the 4th of July for the three years we lived in the small town of Berkshire Heights, PA.

bike 1
baby nerds r us...I'm to the right
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I'm behind in Life Update posts, but I wanted to jump out of sequence and post about the adventure Bones and I had last Friday.

I grew up canoeing in a water reservoir called Blue Marsh, located in the Reading area. I've always felt pretty confident in a canoe, and have been eager for a long time to try my hand at kayaking.  A friend told me about ocean kayaking, and that sounded even more amazing...but I've never had the opportunity to try any variety.

Bones found a Groupon offer that made such an adventure wicked cheap, so we decided on a date, slathered on the sun protection, and headed off to St Joseph.
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In 2012, Cedar Point opened a new attraction in the park - Dinosaurs Alive. It places varied animated dinosaurs in natural settings, and the visuals are just awesome.

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Wednesday morning, Bones saw that Cedar Point was offering 300 free tickets to the park to those willing to be there at 7AM for a shoot for The Travel Channel.  Participants were told they'd be asked to ride MaxAir a bunch of times, maybe be on camera talking about the ride, definitely be on camera during the ride.

The park is about 4 hours from where we live, but we decided to go for it...even though it meant getting up at 3AM.  Which eventually meant actually leaving closer to 3:30AM. We weren't sure we were going to get there in time but...la!  We made it, all three of us wearing Doctor Who t-shirts (geeks represent!) with only a few minutes to spare!

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Jun. 27th, 2013 10:04 pm
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Last weekend, Bones and I were driving around town, looking for yard sales.  Along our journeys, we saw a sign that said, "Michigan Hosta Tour," and pointing down a road that was out of our way.

When I was preparing to move out to the midwest, several friends offered me plants to take with me.  (This is because they know I HAVE A PROBLEM and probably need a 12 step program to deal with my plant addiction.)  So of course I said, "YES PLEASE."  But I focused on things I knew Bones would like, and that would be hostas.

He had moved a bunch as well when he relocated to our home.  I didn't realize quite how many until we looked at our combined pile of plants and realized we both have a problem.

So.  Hosta tour?!?!  Heck yeah!

We followed signs to a cul-de-sac in one of the many local neighborhoods that's sprouted up along the edges of a lake.  And we promptly lost our sense of bravado.

"Do we...just walk into that person's yard?"

"Um. Maybe?"

We looked at the varied people doing just that.  "Will they know we're not in their club?"

"Not if we don't tell them.  And if we don't belong here, I think we can outrun these people."

"Ok.  Let's go!"

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Before we left, I grabbed Bones' hand.  "Hey!  Wait!"

He looked at me expectantly.

"Kiss me in a beautiful garden!"

He smiled, and did just that.  "These kinds of adventures only happen when I'm with you," he said softly.

That feeling?  That one right there?  It's entirely mutual.


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