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You know the exact moment a curse crashes into you.

Oh, you may not know what it is, that numbness, that feeling as if your brain has just broken along its unseen seam. Or maybe it's your heart sobbing no no i will live despite you.

You will feel it, and then you will forget it, and it is in the forgetting that the damage is done, that the curse works its claws into you, that you are changed.

..I say 'you,' and I mean 'you,' and I also mean me. Because a dubious benefit of the curse is it allows me to see its shadowed-self in others. And so I saw it in your eyes, hiding in your smile.

We have been walking cursed. Sleeping. And maybe I am dreaming. But I think, Love, if you'd let me frame the curve of your face with my hand...if you'd bow to my rising wonder...our kiss could break the spell.

Let's find out.

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I like this very much.