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Work snippet

I was trying to leave work Friday, but - as usual - was running late.

An older woman looked at me from the mail room, smiled, and turned to her mailbox..then walked over to my office to introduce herself and to ask if my coworker had left her some UPS forms.

I looked around and couldn't find the forms, so I called my coworker. She didn't answer -alas! - so I regretfully said I couldn't help her right now, but we could on Monday.

She asked, "Are you Dusti?"

Uh-oh. "Yes. Hi!"

"We've emailed a few times. You're very kind."

I smiled. "Kind isn't hard."

She half-smiled. "It is for a lot of people."


So as we start a new work week, I hope that Kind is waiting for you.

May it not be rare.

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