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The tree shivered in her arms.

It could have been a breeze, or a far-away earthquake. But the tree shivered in her arms, and she gazed up into its branches, laughing.

"You are my witness. My only witness." Cheek pressed against the bark, her flesh glowed white next to those rough, dark lines.

There had been a stranger, driving and bewildered. He swerved to avoid her, dancing naked in the street. And now her body wore the traces of blood not yet consumed; and pieces of him were scattered at the edges of tree roots.

She had loved him. Of course. She had traced the lines of his naked abdomen - marvelous creation, the bones beneath wrapping around organs like a hand, a protective secret hand, an inner clutching at what kept the flesh so warm.

It was worship to break him open.

His screams were a hymn, a song she summoned with nails and teeth and a quivering tongue pressed here - oh, and here, where connective tissues strained to keep the shape of his body true.

And her gods were all gods, were all the creatures of the dark, were found in each bit of fluid dropped, were here now with her, with her tree.

"Someday you'll understand," she promised, smiling, before she left to find another psalm.
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