Nov. 27th, 2012


Nov. 27th, 2012 12:15 am
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here in the dark, unsleeping,
i pull memories around me
curl into them seeking
a remnant of your warmth
a reminder of the way
your hollows match my curves
as i gather arms full of you
trace your smiling profile
until I could almost sculpt you

sometimes, as i'm seeking
slumber without your presence
it is almost possible
to doubt you could exist

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So I'm trying to destash some of my stuff, and I thought maybe someone out there in LJ Land might want to give the following patterns a home. These aren't in mint condition, but they've never been used, and are in pretty good shape, as they've been stored in a plastic file bin for...gads. I've lost track of how many years. 6? Maybe?

Teresa Wentzler:
* Celestial Dragon

* Tapestry Cat

* Petites Peacock and Unicorn

* Dreamscape Fantasy Sampler

Carolyn Meacham:
* Unicorn Rampant

* Lion Rampant

Sam Hawkins
* Spider Web Fairie

Eileen Folk
* Needlework Designs for Miniature Projects (features a tiny dragon dollhouse screen)

* Butterfly Charted Designs from the Archives of the Lindberg Press (Dover Needlework Series)

These aren't for sale. This is an 'if you'd like them, let me know and they're yours' thing. :)

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