Jul. 21st, 2012

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When I was in high school, I very much wanted to be on stage crew. I was never comfortable performing on stage, but helping a production happen? That's what held my interest.

That's never changed. And that means that most people have never seen the work I do. At least, not on a conscious level. And so it's not uncommon for people to say to me, "Wow, you do a lot!" when they try to help...because they never thought to consider how all the background work gets done.

I just attended a house concert, for example, that happened because of me..and only one other person in the room knew. That one person was not the performer. And that's ok with me. What is important is that a successful show happened.

I'm not unique in this. Anyone who has worked on a con, or a theatrical show, or an event, knows this feeling of invisibility.

So when I see someone that has to self promote their behind he scenes work, it grates on me. A lot.

If you create a poster for an event and you want to say, hey, I made this, that's fine. I like knowing the face behind the work.

If you do so and say hey, I do good work, you come across as insecure and unprofessional and I am less interested in the event.

If you feel the need to promote yourself over the thing you're promoting? You're doing it wrong.

And if you need so badly to self promote while blocking the promotion of artists or others that for whatever reason don't rate in your book? You're very much doing it wrong.

And now I need to go defriend the person that's inspired this post, because I really am tired of her constant self promotion.

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