Jul. 8th, 2012

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I've been having problems with my back in the morning, so Bones has been adjusting me.

I trust him. Completely. But I always, I'm, overreact when he adjusts my neck.

I'd hoped this was something that had gone largely unnoticed by others.


This morning, as I was lying on his chiropractor bench and trying to relax, his brother-in-law saw us.

"Uh-oh. Listen for the scream.."

"Shut up! I don't always.. AUGH!"


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Last night, Bones and I slept in a tent in his patents' backyard. Under a tree and with the lake in the near distance, it was quite lovely. The temperature had dropped off, there was a nice breeze, there were even some unexpected stars after what had been a pretty cloudy afternoon/evening.

As we dozed off, he commented that one of our open window flaps was facing east. "So we're going to get a lot of morning sun," he sighed.

And yes, the gentle approach of dawn awakened me. But what was more intrusive was this odd sort of bird trilling outside and above the tent.

I finally caught a glimpse of the singer: a squirrel, hanging upside down off the tree trunk, flicking his tail and having a rather lot to say.

It wasn't angry squirrel squawking. So we guessed he was saying, "Hey! Hey! Hey you in the tent! Whatcha doing? Huh? Huh? See that sunrise? You're missing it! You're missing it! Got any food? Maybe some nuts? You should get up! Hey! Hey!"

I giggled, and snuggled up next to Bones.

Even without coffee, it was rather a perfect morning.

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