May. 29th, 2012

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Originally posted by [ profile] kylecassidy at War Paint is out today
Happy Memorial Day. My book, War Paint: Tattoo Culture and the Armed Forces is out today. You can buy it from Amazon (pay no mind to that "4 to 6 weeks" - it's shipping now) or look for it in your local bookstore (special prize to the first person to send me a photo of it "in the wild").

A few years back I found myself looking at one of those ribbons on the back of a car that said "support our troops" and wondered what I could do to actually "support our troops" rather than just putting a magnet on my car. Soon after I met a WWII veteran with a tattoo of a paratrooper on his arm and I asked him about it. For the next two hours he told me about parachuting into France on D-Day, being wounded at the Battle of the Bulge, getting tattooed in Scotland while drunk -- I realized that nobody had asked him about it before and that we were losing these stories, so many of which had a significance so personal you may not be able to tell just looking at them, you had to ask.

War Paint is a collection of portraits and stories, there are also closeups of tattoos if you're interested in closeups of tattoos.

Click to read Nick's story

Thanks to everybody in uniform and especially the people overseas away from their families, in harms way, whether in uniform or not. Come home safe. And thanks to my publisher, Schiffer Books who saw something here. Happy Memorial Day.

And, in case you missed it, here's the talk I did at Franklin & Marshall college on War Paint. There's a long wonderfully flattering introduction, student Ann Leffel talks briefly about her tattoo photography project and I start about 12 minutes in. And I do answer the question "why should you thank a soldier if you're against the war?" which is something someone brought up here a few weeks ago.

Stories in Ink: Capturing the Art of Tattoos from Franklin & Marshall College on Vimeo.

I'd love it if you'd share with your friends.

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For those of you amazing people that chipped in to help are some updates.
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Originally posted by [ profile] ms_danson at About this Blog

"My LJ is my online house. If someone knocks on the door they are most likely to find me at home here. I welcome visitors that aren't trying to sell me something. Some visitors I invite inside, some I don't. My choice.

My house has a fenced yard with a large and varied garden that I maintain. I enjoy gardening and like planting new flowers to see how they will grow. The gate is open so that anyone can lounge on the lawn, examine the garden, or even plant something at the edge of the beds. People visiting my garden are welcome to take pictures and introduce others to it.

My house, like my fence, has a door. Unlike the gate, this door is closed. Guests knock or are invited in. Friends have keys. Inside my house there are many rooms. On the ground floor there is a library, a fireplace lounge, a dining room, and a kitchen, all connected by open archways. Any who have entered through the door are welcome to read, cook, chat, eat, admire the art, or pet the cats.

Up the stairs there is a hallway of closed doors that those who party below may not open unless invited. These are reserved for individual keys and the locks may change, as if managed by mischievous gremlins. The cats enter and leave at will, because they are cats.

There are some that say, "All that can be seen is public", but this is not so. There are some that say, "Doors are an outrage and fences immoral", but this is not so. This is my home and I maintain it. The fences and doors keep the health of the whole. Those placed outside the house may still play in the garden. Those placed outside the fence may still look at the garden even if they are no longer able to rip up flowers or piss on the carpet.

I seek to be a good host and a good gardener. I entertain, feed, plant, weed, and bounce. The party guests change as the party does. The garden grows, welcomes the next season, and remembers the last. This is a shared endeavour and a living project."

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