Apr. 19th, 2012

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This is an odd updatey for me, but - o hai! Welcome to what's occupied part of my brain of late.

So I was sucked into http://www.hautelook.com because of an advertised deal on mineral makeup. Buyer beware, of course - what is advertised as a ZOMG DEAL!! should be price checked across the internet first. Still, they do offer things like Naturale Beauty makeup fairly often, as well as E.L.F. stuff - which you'll see on the website is wicked cheap, and offers free shipping for purchases of $25.

(Though the web says E.L.F. operates independently, a look at the packaging gives the impression that these two companies are connected, and the advertising on Haute Look gives credence to that supposition.)


I'm rather fond of mineral makeups - which is a silly statement, isn't it, as I so rarely use makeup in general. But this stuff isn't as scary to me as liquid based. I find that it's faster to put on and I don't tend to feel like I've totally screwed up and have to start again. I also admit that Cat Valente's sporadic posts over the years praising power makeup caught my attention. So I've indulged in sample sets over the past few years and because I use the stuff so sparingly, it's lasted a long time.

So I was looking at Haute Look, and then went into a Target, and was amazed to see the same products from E.L.F. there for the same price - which you can also get online. I can't say I like this any better or worse than any other line - I'm just not that discriminating a user - but I thought it was worth pointing out, as what I saw in the store was a new display. (Frankly, I had in the past categorized this line as being rather like Wet N Wild, which I've used but have felt eh about. I definitely like E.L.F. better. Reviews generally bash on the brushes, but again I'm not a sophisticated user, and I think they're fine.)

I should say that one product I rather like from this line is their blemish powder, which includes sulphur, tea tree, and willow bark to help heal your breakouts. Their makeup books, on the other hand, are a cute idea, but be aware that if you buy one, they're not designed to allow you to remove the makeup for easier storage.

Naturale Beauty review:

E.L.F. review:

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