Apr. 4th, 2012

last words

Apr. 4th, 2012 08:48 pm
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I've been working my way through "How I Met Your Mother" and hit an episode tonight, "Last Words," that deals with the death of one character's father.

The recurring theme is how one would feel if the last thing your father said to you was really the last thing he'd ever say to you.

I believe my father's last words would be his response to my asking him to wait five minutes so he could meet my husband.

"No, I have to go - but send me a picture."

(And then he closed out the email account we'd been using to correspond in the wake of his mother's death.)

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So there's a convention I couldn't attend this year, but I'd asked a few times if there would be t-shirts available. The answer was 'yes' and when the time came, I put in an order for two.

I wasn't thinking that the intent was one should pick them up at the con. I should have asked before I hit the 'pay' button. I was wanting to support the con, and it was a rather nifty design. (I am not, btw, the sort of person that buys con t-shirts. I think this may have been my first purchase of this type.)

After the con, there was something posted on FB about there having been some sort of issue with t-shirt sales but that all orders would be filled. I realized then that the thought process had been 'pick them up at the con.' Oops. So I asked about it and was told yes, all orders would be filled/mailed out.

A month went by. I'd sent out a few emails and then posted a query on the FB page. I was told to send another email to the con organizer and he would put me in touch with the person I needed to talk to (which was a first name only, and not one I recognized).

Okie dokie. I sent an email. No response.

I sent a few more. (I honestly have no idea how many I sent. I'm sure it was less than a dozen total.) No response.

Finally got one auto response saying there had been a hard drive crash. Ok. Sent another a bit later. No response. I should say that at this point I was saying that if the shirts weren't available, that was fine...I'd like the money to then be donated to a fundraiser happening for a friend of mine.

But as I said..no response.

I went back to the FB page and posted both to the old thread and created a new thread.

No response.

I reply to my second thread. Finally get a response mentioning the hard drive crash and email address loss. In the back and forth, it's stated that I'm now talking to the con organizer. (I have no idea if that's who I was corresponding with on the FB page last month.) I'm told to contact him again.

Okie dokie. I do.

No response.

I write on the FB page again asking for confirmation that my email was received.

I get a yes.

I then have to ask which of the two options are going to be acted on. I get a response.

At this point, I think the $28 is something to write off.

I grok a hard drive crash.


There were several attempts made by me to resolve the question of this shirt order. I'm sure I'm not the only person contacting the con organizer - I absolutely get that.

My contact info hasn't changed in, what, 10 years? And if you really don't know my email address, I'm on LJ and FB. And if you've forgotten that? The con organizer knows several of my local-to-him friends. I bet they could tell you how to get a hold of me.

And even IF the issue had been forgotten over - and over - and over - you know what would have helped a lot as far as customer service goes?


Takes a second to hit 'reply.'

I gather that my bit of money isn't that important, and I know I've never been a huge source of financial support for this con or for this organizer's events. But. If you can't acknowledge the receipt of an email regarding something that has been pending for months? You are sending a message that you don't need my business.

And that message has been received.

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