Feb. 27th, 2012

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"Now, stre-e-e-e-tch...and hold."

He did as he was told, back against a curved support, grumbling the whole time. "I don't understand why - "

She raised an eyebrow. "You said you wanted to join the circus, yes?"

"Yeah, but - "

"Then shut. Up."

She ignored the way his eyes watched her chest at every stolen opportunity. He should have been paying attention to other things, like her fingers weaving ropes against the skin of his wrists, like the pressure of the knots tying his hands to the metal over his head, until she pulled the cords tight and hard, and he gasped a curse.

"Hey, baby. Maybe we define 'circus' differently."

Her smiled didn't touch her eyes. "Of that, my love, I'm certain."

Bowed back and bound, he tried to flirt his way to safety. "So ya gonna have your way with me?"

"Oh, yes." She leaned over him. Her hair fell around them, a curtain, a wall, and her eyes were the only things he could see.

"How many women?" she whispered.

Unseen hands crushed his legs against more metal, lashing his ankles to that same continuous curve.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

Her expression didn't change. "There is always a witness." Pause. "Are you ready?"

"Bitch, you need to - this isn't funny, I - What the hell are they doing?!?"

She pulled away so he could see her helpers connecting a rod to something behind his back. He screamed, he pulled and thrashed as strangers' hands slipped the rod into the back hub of another wheel.

The carriage driver frowned. "He's thicker than the others. This is going to be a rougher ride."

"We'll get it right next time." She patted the screaming wheel's stomach. "And now? On, my love, with the show."

(This is another tale of my as-yet-unnamed circus performer)

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