Feb. 13th, 2012

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It's a bit late, and I opted out of this last year, but..what the heck?

My Valentinr - spooky
Get your own valentinr

Love me!

And now, to try to remember who else has one of these silly things..
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In *theory*, this is how/why LJ accounts are being purged:

Purging Inactive Accounts
As you may have noticed, we're currently deleting inactive and empty member accounts. Only accounts that have zero entries and have not been logged into for over two years will be affected by this process. Right now, account owners are being notified by email if their account is set to be deleted. If you receive such an email about an account you'd prefer to keep, all you need to do is login before the date listed to prevent the deletion. Even if it is deleted, you will still have 30 days to undelete the journal.

An account is not subject to inactivity purging if it has at least one entry in it but this criteria may change over time. If you have friends or family who have passed away and were LiveJournal members, the best way to protect their accounts against future inactivity purges is by requesting such journals be set as 'memorial' accounts. Please email Support to request memorial status for a journal.
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A year ago, I received an email that heralded a huge change in my life.

Sometimes, when we hold onto what our hearts tell us to be true..sometimes, miracles happen.


"There's someone out there for everyone - even if you need a pickaxe, a compass, and night goggles to find them."

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