Feb. 7th, 2012

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It's voting time again!

My entry is here:

Vote here, if you're so inspired:

Thaaaank you!
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(name withheld to protect the boogerless)
(and so I don't get beaten the next time I see this person)

Me: You sound stuffy!

Her: I have a cold.

Me: Do you have a booger-nose?

Her: No. I don't have any boogers.

Me: Wait, let me put you on speaker phone.

Her: Where are you?

Me: At the bus stop. And if you're gonna discuss boogers, I think these fine people need to hear it.

Her: *sigh*

Me: Ok. Continue.

Her: So I got a nose hair trimmer for Christmas. And I trimmed off all my nose hairs. And it affected the flora and fauna of my nose so now I have a cold and I have no boogers.

Me: You need to get one for each of the kids in your class and make this a science project.

Her: They don't have nose hair to trim.

Me: Tell them to do it to their parents.

Her: These kids don't have parents.

Me: Tell them to find a stranger and trim their nose hairs.

Her: Oh! They could trim one nostril and not touch the other one and take notes!

Me: Exactly! Also, I'm totally blogging this.

Her: If you take a poll, no one is going to want to read about boogers.

Me: Clearly you need to read more blogs.

(For those wondering about the connection between nose hair and boogers..This is why we need the internet.)

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