Jan. 29th, 2012

hair care

Jan. 29th, 2012 06:17 pm
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I am (cautiously) preparing to take the apple cider vinegar plunge. This means I am, of course, overthinking it. But! I bought a small bottle and just added a cup of calendula flowers to it. This mixture will steep for 2 weeks before the flowers are strained out and I apply the infusion to my hair.

(I've had the flowers for..a while, and so this is another step in my attempt to use things or get rid of them. Will also be looking at the no-poo option soon. Besides, I fell off the conditioner wagon recently and have way too many other products to work through right now.)

"WHAT?!?" you may be saying to yourself.

I know. I *know*. I'm a hair conditioner addict.

But! In this case, it is entirely the fault of Big Lots, which has just started carrying Naked Naturals, which I love and which at $1.50 is ungodly cheap. I've only seen a bottle or two each time I've gone to a Big Lots, so if you like this kind of product and you see it, grab it. It's a great deal at that price.

Am experimenting with coconut oil as a pre-treatment. Pretty damn sure I used too much, as I read to use 2 tablespoons and that barely touched my mane. However..allow me to warn you, Gentle Readers, that if you decide to be a bit..ohh..overzealous, shall we say?...you may find yourself with coconut oil being applied to, um, the upper half of your body as well.


Decided to use the Dr Bronner line, since it also uses coconut oil. Shampooing seemed deceptive, as I know my hair was pretty dirty before I drowned it in coconut oil, but it lathered up rich and thick while the hair still felt heavy underneath. Diluted the hair rinse more than last time, but the lemon is still hard on my scalp. More tangles than last time but I blame this on not having touched my hair with a comb in the past 2 days..all things considered, combing through it after the Bronner rinse was better than I'd hoped for. I'm a little concerned that it's going to dry oily - if so, it's my own silly fault. Yay learning experiences!

ETA: Yup, had to rewash it. Shame - I loved the colour of my hair but it was still oily to the touch. Not sure how much benefit has been left, though I'm overall happy with the feel of it today. Further experimentation is required.
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Once Upon a Time.

Once Upon a Time, the world was pure, and so were we. Or so says Lydia.

She touches my back - gently, reverently, as if the changes of my body were anything but repugnant - and she whispers stories to me.

"We are all gods, Lucia. Archetypes and prophets, we respect the patterns. Most of us never notice how we refract history.

"Most of us have forgotten." Leaning forward, her breath warms the bits of bone and feather extending from my shoulder blades. "Your body is remembering. You are so much more than human."

She rises from my bed, kisses my forehead, caresses my face. "Sleep now, my angel. Dream your memories."

I shift on the mattress - no position's truly comfortable anymore - and I watch her through silent tears.

Once Upon a Time, this could never have been my life. These wings, those voices, this woman...if I'm a god, how could I have wanted to create this?

I am so afraid to dream.

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