Jan. 18th, 2012

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Seems ironic to participate in an internet black-out on the anniversary of my deleting my LJ, doesn't it?

Amazing how much things can change.

I remain grateful to those of you that sent good thoughts, that checked in on me, that (in one shining case) kept me on the phone talking.

I am still humbled, y'all.

Thank you for loving me.

Some of the soundtrack that got me through afterwards..
The Lowest Place on Earth
(the second two are totally [livejournal.com profile] ysobelle's fault)
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Ok, so. I've been going through a lot of hair product experimentation, and while I still love my solid bar shampoos, I was saddened enough by Lush's discontinuing their The Blonde shampoo that I have strayed from the solid bar path.

Some inconsistent scalp issues led me to try a tea tree soap as a shampoo as needed. This, in turn, led me to try Dr Bronner's Tea Tree Oil Soap.

Now, I'm always surprised when people, say, "Oh, Dr Bronner! Yeah, I've used that stuff." I'd never heard of it before [livejournal.com profile] briansiano introduced me to the stuff, and I was a little...cautious, I suppose. I used it, but only as a soap. Flash forward *mumble* years later, and I'm realizing that this product line does most of what I've been looking for, as far as avoiding toxic chemicals in their ingredients. (Since I'm linking to Dr Mercola's website, I should say I've not tried his products because of the price tag.)

I've seen vague benefits from using the tea tree shampoo - to be fair, I've not been using it exclusively, in part because my hair (which always wants a lot of conditioning) has been more snarly using the stuff. So I found what was basically a two for one deal on eBay, and I picked up some hair conditioning rinse and cream.

My first thought was dang, this rinse isn't going to go very far.. And I'm really not sure it will. Though it's concentrated - you use a capful or two with a cup of water, stir it together, and then pour it over your hair, fingercombing it through for about 30 seconds. That cup of water ended up being a lot to use, and I think I should have backed off to just one capful, as the lemon juice was a little hard on my scalp. I was pretty skeptical that it was going to do ANYTHING to condition, but I was wrong..no tangles at all, and my hair had a very nice feel to it. (I do admit that I literally just dunked as much of my hair as I could into the cup holding the rinse, so that I could get some on the ends while I was still massaging the top.)

The leave-in hair dressing has coconut oil as its main ingredient, and I used it sparingly. Seems to be making my hair happy. Though I'm wondering if just using coconut oil as is would be as good.

I'm also wondering - before [livejournal.com profile] adelheid_p can say it - if everything I read about apple cider vinegar will work as a hair conditioner for me, after all. It's next on my list to try, as this little 8oz bottle of rinse will last me..I'm going to guess 2-1/2 weeks.

ETA: Now that it's completely dry - this is the next morning - I really do love the way my hair feels. Very soft and silky, no tangles.

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