Jan. 10th, 2012

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Even though only contestants can vote this week, I'm posting this as a reminder. :)

If you're a current contestant in LJ Idol...hey! Go vote!

My entry is here:

Voting info here:

There's no poll. You have to actually email your votes to Claude.

Deadline is THIS THURSDAY, Jan 13th.
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Most of this whole damn album - Breedless - has gotten me through some darkness.

"The Lowest Place on Earth" is a fav.

I hear you calling
But I'll stay quite til you go
You might be that jackal
That tries to steal my bones
Or you might be that preacher man
That tries to cleanse me with his dirty hands
Or you might be the voice of reason
Convincing me to stand

I cannot fall
From the lowest place on earth

I hear you begging
It's best if I come up for air
This well is dry
I guess you were unaware
You could join me
In my world below
And come what may
But then again
I'd reconsider
You wouldn't like what's down here anyway

I cannot fall
From the lowest place on earth

I hear the sun still rises
But there's to many guises
Lucky for me
I'm at the lowest place on earth
I cannot fall

Their website: http://www.egolikeness.com - having trouble with the lnk right now, but do check it out - lots of great music there.

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