Oct. 25th, 2011

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Do you believe in ghosts?

When the sun has fled the sky with your rational mind, leaving behind a darkness that breathes life to your fictions, do you hold fast to your disbelief?

Walk by yourself. Walk past the house full of secrets and screams. Pass by the cemetery where stones whisper the histories of the dead. Hands in your pockets, eyes scanning the street, make your way home with the tales of Hollywood horror poking at your thoughts.

But that's all fantasy.

What really matters is...do ghosts believe in you?
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So, hey!

I'm participating in LJ Idol, which means that you'll see posting things based on prompts from that community.

And then, like any good reality TV show, people get to vote on who gets to stick around to participate next week.

My entry is here:

And if you liked it and feel so inclined, you can vote for me - and for any other of those participating - at the link below. (Or follow the link below to find links to lots of really worthwhile blogging. It's kinda awesome to see so much writing going on, after I was wondering where everyone had gone...)

Anyway. Vote here. I'm in tribe 2.

And thanks for reading! :)

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